Shaheena Shaheen's family protests in front of Turbat police station in Pakistan, demanding arrest of murderer

Over 3 years ago, on September 5, 2020 in Ketch Turbat, journalist, artist, and human rights activist Shaheena Shaheen was shot dead by her husband Mehrab Ghichki.

To the great sorrow and anger of Shaheena's family, the police have not arrested the powerful and influential, firearm-dangerous Mehrab Ghichki.

After numerous demonstrations and hunger strikes, Shaheena's family has organized sit-ins outside the police station in Turbat in recent weeks to express their deep dissatisfaction with the performance of the law enforcers.

Pakistani authorities should reward the officers who arrest Mehrab Ghichki with cash and recommendation letters, just like in the case of the murder of two young women in Waziristan in 2020.

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